New marketing strategy originating from the idea of AR for Commerce

New marketing strategy originating from the idea of AR for Commerce

news dateAug 20, 2018

Augmented Reality (AR),  one of the technologies that Tim Cook passionately believed to gain as much popularity as smartphone, is making its ways in many spheres of life, in which AR for Commerce has opened up a new marketing idea in the digital age.

New marketing strategy originating from the idea of AR for Commerce
AR for Commerce has paved the way for the connection of real-world and virtual environments, especially in trading. Instead of using either of real or virtual interface, the mixed reality can result in greater performance and productivity, offering customers the opportunities to enjoy shopping in fast and convenient, yet still realistic ways thanks to virtual and real-world experiences respectively. Therefore, once marketing with real interactive technology has been chosen, it is vital to identify your goals to leverage its all key resources and overcome weaknesses on both sides.
This idea can be specified in several forms:

1. Marketing via AR applications

Despite the positive effects of AR, it is extremely challenging to build a high-tech AR-based application. Therefore, businesses can save on this cost by taking advantage of the existing applications which are already available in the market. Moreover, popular AR applications often have a quite strong community of users who can become your potential customers. Transforming your sales location in the real world into a place in games or cleverly inserting ads into these applications are the forms of marketing that businesses should keep in mind.

2. Product code scanning

AR for Commerce offers a new way of scanning product code. It can be used as a new barcode for product traceability or inventory management. AR can add layers of digital information on top of items in stores. It also can be used for reading product reviews, finding discounted products, vegetarian or low fat ones. These information will be instantly displayed through the application on the screen of your smartphone or tablet, etc.


3. Checkin, checkin and checkin

 Encouraging customers to check in is one of the best ways to effectively spread the brand or product reputation Applying AR technology and creating promotional products that encourage customers to check in at the store and receive rewards will help you attract more customers. The adoption of high technology will make it easier to draw attention and it is also a new way for enterprises to widely introduce their AR applications.

4. High-tech catalogue system

When it comes to online retail, it is obviously true that products can be now displayed in 3D in catalogues thanks to AR technology. This can contribute to great interest among users and customers, thus promoting the overall revenue. Furthermore, the technology also facilitates product experience from many aspects and views in a quick and convenient manner, saving cost for retailers and time for customers,

5. Interactive ads

This way, businesses can also capture the attentions of customers, thus it is well suited to deploy AR in Commerce. Interactive ads can promote the interaction between your products and customers by instructing customers to scan the products and receive simulated gifts or showing AR commercials ads. One of the prime example adopting this method is Yakult.

Augmented Reality is still in the early stages of development, but you can start leveraging its sources and potentials right from today. The adoption of AR for commerce offer opportunities to reach your targeted customers, thereby creating more values and profits.

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