Blockchain solution for AR game market

Blockchain solution for AR game market

news dateAug 04, 2018

It is believed that AR game will likely to go mainstream, creating a new tech trend for game developers as well as leading to the invasion of AR-based games in the field of ICOs and Blockchain. Blockchain for games sounds like a good idea but will it really work?


Game industry transformed by Blockchain and AR

It is expected that the new technologies Blockchain and AR will create the new revolution for the gaming industry, based on the vision of creating real value from entertaining.
Augmented Reality or AR provides the outcome when combining the real-world and the virtual world. The once a hit Pokémon GO is a typical example of AR application. This AR game overlays the real-world with the computer-generated perceptual information, which are digital creatures - Pokémon, and additional effects, to deliver “one-of-a-kind” realistic experiences for gamers.

Daily life integration

We have to thanks the built-in positioning features of our smart devices for unique gaming experiences while traveling in the real world in order to complete in-game quests. For instance, in ARhunter - An AR game from VBAEMU in which ICO is about to start, players hunt down treasures by solving puzzles in order to get treasures’ location. These treasures can be exchanged for VBA coin - A cryptocurrency also developed by VBAEMU, which is used to trading in-game or in Crypto Exchanges.
Back to AR in gaming, the technology allows users to explore destinations in the real world while interacting with the virtual world. Pokémon GO players are familiar with this as they have to wander around their neighbor to catch rare Pokémon.
Still, this is a new technology in developing and applying it in gaming needs time and effort. However, its great potential in providing outstanding gaming experiences is undeniable and will likely to dominate in various field.

AR and Blockchain Applications

ARhunter is also known as the application integrating both AR and Blockchain technology. In the game, players will play the role of a treasure hunter and the in-game map is also the real world map. The treasure is randomly located by treasure creator in places like a local supermarket, tourist attraction, or just out of nowhere in the park. Hunters’ job is to overcome difficulties such as relevant quests, killing monsters, and solving puzzles to be the first that discovered the treasure. The reward from these activities can be exchanged in the VBA coin.

Using a cryptocurrency as the in-game currency make it easier to trade in the game and to convert gamers’ digital asset into real value. The idea of treasure hunting game is no stranger to the game community but ARhunter will still hit success with the stunning visual effects achieved by the AR technology. Moreover, the thought of creating real value while entertaining make the game worth a try. By the application of Blockchain Solutions, gamers also don’t need about being “picked clean” by hackers or their identities revealed without paying an extra fee for a 3rd authority party. .
In summary, the combination of AR and Blockchain in game has transformed the whole industry. We can expect a breakthrough from these technologies in giving the community new game products in high-quality that can actually create real value.


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