Mixed Reality and its applications in Architecture - Construction

Mixed Reality and its applications in Architecture - Construction

news dateAug 15, 2017

Since the 1960s, MR technology has emerged and played an active role in many industries such as aviation, defense, medical surgery, commerce... However, some remain in the dark about this technology as well as its applications.

What is MR ?


MR technology sets up a state of human perception of the actual environment immersed with computer-generated virtual entities at different levels. The combination of real world and virtual objects creates a new environment where physical and virtual objects coexist and interact in real-time. In science and technology research and application, when it comes to MR technology, we are expected to understand its coverage of both VR & AR concepts (which means MR = VR + AR, not MR ≠ VR & AR as recently misinterpreted).

The trends of MR application development in Architecture - Construction

The tasks of design and construction are constantly growing and diversifying in all phases: survey and promotion, investor interaction, idea seeking, concept design, technical design, construction, operation management, maintenance... Yet hardly can the conventional procedures meet the complicated and high-tech intensive requirements of modern buildings.

This issues a strong call for multimedia applications throughout the procedure: from planning, concept exchange, presentation to training - instruction - simulation... All of these activities require computer-supported visualization to make the ideas of relevant parties fully comprehensible. MR technology has eventually entered the field of architecture - construction and is proving its enormous potential by creating new and effective displays for architecture - construction.


In the last 15 years, the research and development of MR technologies (VR & AR) application in industrial engineering design in general and architecture-construction in particular has been adopted by many countries such as USA, Japan, Korea, Saudi Arabia, Finland, Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong, New Zealand, China ... Contents related to MR application in architecture - construction have been put into the curriculum of many universities as a subject or a department under the name of CAAD - Computer - Aided Architectural Design).


Asian countries are showing their interest boosting research on the applications of design automation and MR in Architecture - Construction. Every year, CAADRIA Forum (Computer - Aided Architectural Design Research in Asia) hosts national workshops with the participation of universities specialized in Technology and Architecture and Research Institutes. Asia's leading multidisciplinary engineering universities have long established VR and MR Labs. Many other schools and colleges are including subjects on MR-supported Architecture & Construction in their curriculum.

With the advancement of digital technology, countries are entering the technology revolution with Cloud Computing, IoT, Smart space, Smart environment. This is also the infrastructure facilitating the development of VR & AR (MR) technologies.

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