What technology trends will dominate in 2018? (P2)

What technology trends will dominate in 2018? (P2)

news dateJan 01, 2018

Along with Artificial Intelligence, Big Data and Internet of Things, what other technology trends will dominate in 2018?

4. Industrial Automation

In its simplest form, Industrial Automation allows computers to process information or to perform repetitive tasks more reliably and productively than humans. Industrial Automation not only increases productivity and decreases operational costs for personnel, but also enhances the quality and flexibility of manufacturing.


5. Blockchain

Blockchain is highly secure (based on a complicated encoding system) and all transactions are time stamped by design. It works as a ledger whereby all the transactions are closely controlled. The information in blockchain can only be changed with the agreement of all the blocks within the chain (known as consensus).  There are many nodes in a blockchain network with the ability to verify data with no need for trust or intermediaries.


The greatest prospect of Blockchain is its compatibility with Smart contracts. All the agreements and transactions can be well verified without intermediaries. The advent of Blockchain as well as the introduction of personal computer and the Internet can change the way we view the society.

6. Virtual Reality (VR) & Augmented Reality (AR)

VR & AR allow people to experience the world differently. During the last couple of years, companies such as Google, Microsoft & Facebook have been pushing the boundaries and developing new products that have become commonplace in a number of industries from entertainment to science and research.

AR is a spin-off from VR. It allows users to not only see but also touch and interact in a virtual world. A good example of AR is a major Asian property development company who have implemented Microsoft Hololens technology, allowing customers to see inside apartments, select layouts and arrange furniture before they are even built. Therefore, it is obviously true that VR and AR are put on the list of the dominant technology trends in 2018.

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