Top 10 modern web development technologie (part 2 )

Top 10 modern web development technologie (part 2 )

news dateJul 30, 2018

This is part 2 of the topic "Top 10 modern web development technologies". In this part, we look through some of the popular tools to develop websites these days.

6. Three.js

This is a top-ranked image rendering tool that you can use in web graphics. If you are familiar with WebCL and 2D/3D web graphics, then you should pay attention to Three.js.

Websites that use 2D/3D graphics nowadays are quite developed in the web community and anticipated to further expand. And the JavaScript library is the best choice for you to initialize details and build data charts.

Above all, Three.js is a free and open source tool, so it continuously goes along with the improvements of WebCL API

7. Docker


Docker is a must have technology program of IT insiders and it is rapidly expanding. Docker maintains a complete virtual environment and transfers your files from one server to another easily. Docker is one of the few Web dev platforms that can actually change the entire cycle of your web development project.

This is an essential application program for the job of a web developer, and you can find out how it works via online tutorials.

8. Lonic Framework


This is actually the most noteworthy item targeted to web developers who want to create native applications of HTML/CSS/JS technology.

Lonic is an open source and it's free, it develops mobile apps for iOS and Android devices. The source code is written in a friendly, easy-to-build code snippet that is compatible with Java Script.

Lonic currently receives a lot of support from web developers. Web developers rarely want to switch to native application programming, so Ionic offers a valuable alternative.

9. Zurb's Libraries

Zurb's is a great open-source tool. In the latest version, the founders have separated web frameworks from automatic email and created frameworks for email development.

You can build animations with Zurb's web-based online tool and include the UI Motion library in any Foundation project. And in fact, it's better than the new Motion user interface in terms of creating animations on the web.

10. Google Web Starter Kit

Google is always full of useful resources for web developers, including the little-known tools such as the Web Starter Kit. This is not just a tool but a valuable resource for building responsive websites, Sass/CSS modules, HTTP servers.

This tool offers all the fundamentals that a web developer needs to create a great website. Its web set is a great resource for new designers. And of course it's free.


Through the 2 sections of the article, we have introduced the top 10 modern web development technologies. With the features and advantages outlined above, we hope to help website developers get the right approach and get the best out of new technological advances.

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