Developing VR/AR application

FULL-CYCLE AR DEVELOPMENT: End-to-end support in Application Development AR, including requirements definition and specification, architecture design, coding, testing and validation to product maintenance and support. Based on clients’ needs and requirements, VBAEMU team will deliver most suitable technology solutions.

LOCATION-BASED AR: Designing AR location-based apps, which is a form of augmented reality application that overlays the surrounding environment with computer-generated perceptual information, created by integrating with location tracking function of mobile devices.

MARKERLESS AR APPS: Designing markerless AR apps, which allow users to track objects without marked them in order to achieve the desired effect.

AR GAMING: Designing AR games is one of VBAEMU’s strength. Clients can rely on us for an end-to-end product or receive advice and support to actualize their ideas.

AR FOR COMMERCE: Designing support AR application exclusively for e-commerce and Interactive ads – a new trend in marketing strategy using augmented reality to achieve a fun and realistic experience for customers.
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