Technology solutions based on Blockchain

BLOCKCHAIN IN GAMING: With the help of Blockchain technology, currency used in our games can be exchanged into cryptocurrencies or currency from others games. They can also be listed on international Crypto Exchanges.

SMART CONTRACT TO BLOCKCHAIN: Catching up with the technology revolution, we provide additional services in creating smart contract with low-cost.

BLOCKCHAIN IN FINANCE: Providing financial solution based on Blockchain technology; develop safe and secure systems in payment and storage & processing data.


+ Telecommunication: Supporting on mobile app development, providing website solution, digital asset management, OSS / BSS process, connection authorization, 5G, VoIP, ...

+ InsurTech: Automated Blockchain solutions to ensure data protection, automated underwriting, dynamic pricing, reduce fraud, improve reinsurance and subrogation, etc.

+ Retail: Providing payment solution for consumers, product traceability, B2B payments, fraudulent circumvention, user information management, ads support.

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